Every detail is important

At Tritex we believe that attention to details lead us to perfection

A foot contains 26 bones and more than 30 joints, also, the muscles and ligaments sustaining it allow the generation of the statics able to withstand the weight of our body in balance.

This is a complex issue. This is why it is important to bear in mind that children’s feet are not a version of adult’s. This is an evolving delicate mechanism that needs care and attention to ensure a health growth and development.

Our footwear plays a decisive role in the development of children’s feet, and this is why choosing the proper shoe is so important.

In Tritex Corporation we take foot health into consideration, so our corporate strategy is to continuously improve technique in the footwear in order to create an optimum shoe for children, ready to be used at any stage of children’s development.

The Heel and Toe Cap1

During the design phase we make sure that the heel of the shoe guarantees maximum fastening to the ankle without tightening too much, and therefore, avoiding discomfort. Some of our models include pads, providing a soft feel and a comfortable ground contact. The toe cap in Manuela de Juan and MAÁ shoes is reinforced to protect toes from possible hits. Additionally, its loose shape enables toes’ movement and ensures stability.

The Sole2

Manuela de Juan and MAÁ shoes have a rubber sole that has been treated to grip the ground in order to avoid slips and falls. Apart from being flexible, the sole is perfectly fastened to the last, either sewed or using natural water-based glue, ensuring the breathability of the shoe and its isolation from the ground. With respect to Akido, it has natural rubber soles sealed to the rest of the shoe through a process of vulcanization.

The Last3

We use a specific last for growing feet, since its wide design allows the shoe to fit the shape of the foot without pressing in it, preventing blisters and malformations.

The Lining4

The leather in MAÁ and Manuela de Juan shoes is always reinforced with a lining that protects the foot. Their leather has been treated with a process of natural tanning. This allows complete breathability. In addition, the lining is made of a specific kind of leather known as ‘grain leather’.

The Leather5

In the cases of MAÁ and Manuela de Juan, the leather has been organically treated and used for the outside of the shoe, lining and insole. The leather has been carefully selected so as to allow optimum breathability, ensuring a thermal comfort that avoids excessive sweating and extreme changes in temperature.

The Insole6

A previous study helps us detect the pressure points that sole of the foot supports to prevent malformations and painful points. For this reason MAÁ and Manuela de Juan contain smart insoles, characterized by its elasticity and resistance to allow the movement in the foot’s lever of every step. Akido presents a new insole made of microfiber and EVA foam, that guarantees comfort and foot breathability.


The ergonomic shape of our footwear fits the shoe to the foot movements, providing a stable gait and allowing muscles and ligaments to perform their role properly.

The Finish8

We take care of every detail, both on the inside and outside. The inside of the shoe has a correct finish, avoiding the seams in relief or wrong placed that cause chafing in children’s feet.


The fabric used in AKIDO tennis shoes are plant origin, mainly made of ecologic cotton and breathable microfibers.  Quality in this type of fabric protects children’s skin and allows correct breathability.