What makes us different

In Tritex Corporation WE ARE MANUFACTURERS, not intermediaries, we don’t outsource production, we don’t have second parts, we do everything ourselves.

And that is why WE KNOW WHAT WE DO.

The success of our business model consists in its VERTICAL INTEGRATION, where every process is accurately monitored, from the conception of the first idea to the delivery of the final product to the customers.

We follow this purpose from our production hall in Villena, with the highest technology in the market.

DESIGN, PRODUCTION, LOGISTICS, DISTRIBUTION AND SALES are the areas that the business of Tritex Corporation covers.

All of them are interconnected and work for achieving ACCURACY and EXCELENCE at every stage of the process, as a central axis of our corporative view.

Our mission is to offer high-quality shoes, with a customized production and to keep looking for our customers’ satisfaction, wherever they are.