We are sustainable

Tritex Corporation’s mission is not only to produce exclusive footwear, but also to contribute to a better world, showing our concern for the environment at all levels.

Environmental Media

Our leathers are treated with organic tannins; this allows the natural biodegradation of the leather. All kinds of fabric used are plant origin, made of ecologic cotton and breathable microfibers.

Throughout the manufacturing process no harmful chemicals are used, we only make use of water-based glues. We count with the correct waste treatment for their subsequent disposal from any form: solid, liquid or gaseous. Each pair  of shoes is hand-sewn and hand-assembled with the help of the latest technology, and the production volume is limited to ensure the least possible impact on the environment.

Moreover, thanks to the sustainable practices such as turning off the ventilation system, machinery and other electrical appliances during the breaks, we contribute to the conservation of energy.

Thanks to our team of qualified engineers we can carry out an optimal manufacturing process and the identification of areas for the future introduction of efficient energies.

Social Environment

We, Tritex Corporation’s brands, are actively involved in corporate altruism through our engagement in social projects.

We highlight our contribution to the project AMAR SEVA SAGRAM, an NGO located in India that fosters disabled children with the aim of minimizing the physical and psychological impact in the child during his/her process of social integration.

Since our inception, we are actively committed to this cause; we carry out a series of financial contributions, our goal is to improve the welfare and education of disabled children in India.

Business Environment

Through the Declaration of Professional Values and Ethical Standards, duly passed by the Spanish Council and signed by every employee at the beginning of the year, our team is committed to carry out its activity in an honest manner.

Security is a priority for our business and we guarantee it through a protocol to prevent occupational risks, which also offers our workers excellent facilities and work conditions.

The group enjoys a solid reputation in the corporate culture, based in union and joint projection. As a result, our team has the feeling of cohesion characteristic of a real family, which coordinates them to follow the same goals.