The first vegan brand

AKIDO joined the Tritex Corporation family in January 2017. Tritex also includes AKIDO’s siblings Manuela de Juan – with a classic style – and MAÁ, with a cosmopolitan style.

This brand offers quality footwear made of 100% organic materials, which undergo a completely ecologic production process, as it sibling brands did. Once again, it aims to show the world how wearing quality shoes is not incompatible with preserving the environment.

A special feature with respect to the other brands of its family is the fact that Akido uses neither leather nor any other animal origin compound in its shoes, since its composition is completely vegan.

All kinds of fabric used in Akido’s production process are plant origin, mainly cotton and breathable microfibers, and its soles are made of natural rubber.

Moreover, for the first time in the history of Tritex Corporation’s family, Akido incorporates a vulcanization process in its production process.

Its design is inspired by the purity of nature. In this way, the collection presents light and ergonomic designs, yet with the latest fashion trends.

Akido’s footwear style is defined as ORGANIC, CASUAL AND CONTEMPORARY.