Manuela de Juan

Sweet and Passionate, that's Manuela

Manuela de Juan is born in the heart of the footwear industry in Spain: Alicante.

At the early age of 22, young Manuela de Juan created the brand in 1970, encouraged by the savoir-faire in the field of footwear and her strong passion for fashion.

The shoes’ appearance, inspired by the classic Parisian style, has a fresh look with a personal cosmopolitan touch.

Manuela de Juan is a sweet brand with strong personality; this can be appreciated since its early stage. Back in the 70’s, when white, pink and blue were the prevailing colors in children shoes, Manuela de Juan brought in color lines. By doing so, she set trends in the footwear market.

The leather used in Manuela de Juan is premium quality: it comes from selected tanneries and has been extensively treated. This – together with a rigorous manufacturing process and high- end technological innovation – results in an exclusive shoe, reinforced and adapted for every event and occasion.

Over the years, Manuela de Juan has gained the trust of renowned personalities. Little princes and princesses of the Royal British and Danish Crown wear many of our shoes. But far from being a traditional and classic brand, modern celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie or Alessandra Ambrosio wear their IT babies with Manuela de Juan.

You can find our brand in the most renowned boutiques, shining in the trendiest windows of Europe, USA, Russia, East, Australia and Asia. And the reason is that, from the beginning, our brand has got a strong impact that has made it a global brad.

This is why Manuela de Juan is considered as CLASIC, SOPHISTICATED, AND ALWAYS CHIC brad!

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