Taking care of your feet

At Tritex Corporation we are so concerned with healthy feet that one of our goals in our business strategy is the continuous technical advance in footwear to create optimal children’s shoes, appropriate to be used at any point in the child’s development stage.

Each one of our shoes is designed to fit the child’s foot like a second skin in order to ensure well-being, according to the following properties, making our shoes much more than just regular designer shoes.


We use a specific mold to the evolving foot since its wide design lets the shoe adapt to the foot shape without putting pressure on it, avoiding blisters and deformities.


The ergonomic design allows the shoe to adapt to all the movements of the foot, providing a stable gait, allowing muscles and ligaments to develop to its full capability.


The design phase is controlled so that the heel ensures the maximum support to the ankle, without placing too much pressure that causes discomfort. Some of our models have padded backs that guarantee a comfortable support. The tip is reinforced to protect toes from possible shocks. Also, its design allows loose foot movement and ensures stability.


Our shoes have a rubber sole that has been treated for a better floor traction, avoiding slips and falls. In addition to being flexible, it is securely attached to the mold by stitching and/ or a natural adhesion, ensuring breathability and protection from the ground.


The leather has been treated using an organic tanning process. This treatment allows 100% breathability, with a specific type of natural bovine leather, creating an etremely soft feel.


The leather, organically treated, is used on the outside of the shoe, lining, and insole. This leather has been carefully selected for an exceptional breathability of the foot, ensuring thermic comfort to avoid excessive perspiration and extreme temperature changes.


We take care of all the details. Inside the shoe an appropriate finish has been applied, which avoids embossed or badly positioned seams that damage the child’s foot.


A previous study helped us to identify pressure points supporting the sole of the foot in order to prevent tender points and deformities. These smart insoles, characterized by elasticity and strength, allow all the movements in each step.

If there’s someone who knows about children footwear, it’s the child. When footwear hurts their feet, they don’t like it anymore and they don’t wear it again. At Tritex Corporation, we are confident because we know first-hand that those who buy Manuela de Juan, MAÁ o AKIDO,  footwear always come back.

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