The first vegan shoe brand for kids

Handmade in Spain

AKIDO joined Tritex Corporation in January 2017 and became the newcomer of the family.

AKIDO shoes are inspired by the Asian traditional cultural values such as: order, simplicity, the respect for nature and progress. ORDER is achieved through a monitored and organized production process, based on a high-quality vulcanized system.

This system meets the needs of demand through a high-volume supply within the agreed time period. THE SIMPLICITY of its designs generates the concept of a lightweight appearance, comfy and casual shoe that has been produced from essential raw materials. Due to its lightweight look and ergonomic design the shoe perfectly fits the foot.

THE RESPECT FOR NATURE is reflected in the use of plant origin materials such as cotton and breathable microfibers and no animal constituents are used. Besides, fabrics are treated with organic tannins, which avoid polluting waste and allowing an ecological and sustainable production. PROGRESS is revealed through previous researches on the foot fitting, and particularly, through its high-technology sole that perfectly fits the shape of the foot and cushions every step’s impact.

These technical qualities make AKIDO a shoe, instead of a sneaker. Through this new AKIDO brand, the group Tritex Corporation aims to promote green wear and to achieve the first position as outstanding quality vegan brand in the market.



For the first time in Tritex, AKIDO includes the vulcanization system in its production process. A further development regarding the other brands of its family is that AKIDO does not incorporate leather or any type of animal constituent in its shoes, since its composition is entirely vegan. During the production process only plant-based fabrics are used, mostly cotton and breathable microfibers, which are later sealed with a natural rubber sole.

The design of AKIDO is inspired by the purity of nature. In this way, its collection offers lightweight and ergonomic designs, which are always updated with the latest trends. Our brand offers high quality footwear made with 100% organic materials that undergoes a completely eco-friendly production process, like its sibling brands. By this, we want to prove, once more, that wearing quality shoes does not conflict with preserving the environment.

AKIDO offers to the market an ORGANIC, CASUAL AND UP-TO-DATE footwear.

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