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Our leathers are treated with tannins of organic origin, which allows for the natural biodegradation of the leather. The production process does not incorporate any harmful chemicals; we only use water-based glues. We also have the proper treatment of waste for disposal in any format: solid, liquid, or gas.

Each shoe is sewed and assembled by hand, in limited quantity, and uses the latest technology to ensure the least possible impact on the environment.

In addition, through sustainable practices such as turning off ventilation, machinery, or other electrical equipment during breaks, we contribute to energy conservation.

Thanks to our team of skilled engineers, we can carry out the optimization of the production process and identification of areas for future introduction of energy-efficient technologies


Tritex Corporation brands are actively involved in corporate altruism through our participation in social projects.

We emphasize our contribution to the AMAR SANGRAM SEVA project, an NGO based in India that welcomes disabled children in order to minimize the physical and psychological impact of the child in his process of social integration.

We have been actively involved in this cause from the moment we started our company, carrying out a series of economic contributions with the aim of improving the welfare and education of disabled children in India.


Through the “Declaration of Ethical Professional Practice”, duly approved by the Board and signed by each employee at the beginning of the year, our team is committed to honesty in the performance of the activity.

Safety is a must in our business, and we guarantee it through a protocol of prevention of occupational risks, while offering our operators working conditions and infrastructure that are optimal for their performance.

The team at the office enjoys a strong reputation in corporateculture based on unity and cooperation. This allows our team to be coordinated in order to achieve the same purposes under the sense of cohesion as felt in a real family.


Our mission is not only to produce the most exclusive shoe, but help to create a better world, showing interest in our environment at all levels.

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